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Tanzania Organic

Tanzania Organic


History: This is a combination of various Amcos such as Kirua Vunjo East, Mrimbo Uuwo, Uru North Njari, Uru Shimbwe and Marangu West. All are allocated in Moshi rural district, registered in 1984 and governed by board members and leaders which are democratically elected by the AGM following the rules of cooperative law in the country.

Country of Origin/Region: Tanzania, Kilimanjaro

Certification: Organic Certificate

Altitude: 1400-1800 meters above sea level

Soil: Highly Fertile Volcanic Soil

Variety: Kent and Bourbon

Shade Trees: Plant shade trees or intercropping with banana

Rainfall: March-May light rains, October-January heavy rains

Crop Year: 2022/2023

Size and Ownership: Members are typical small holder farmers with an average of 1 acre, land is owned by farmers
Mill Process: Ripe cherries are handpicked by individual farmer using family labor. Farmer will sort their cherries and remove foreign objects or underripes. They will process the coffee in the same day of harvest. Coffees are then fermented in water in plastic tank or soak pits for maximum of 72 hours depending on the temperature of the area (higher altitude takes longer). Coffee is washed with clean water on every step and sun dried on African raised beds for 11-14 days.

Roast: Medium-Light 

Net Weight: 16 oz.

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